Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava

Hey Lacqueristas!

I've got one of my new pretties to share with you today. Last week I picked up most of the shades from the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine collection. The only shade from the collection that I did not grab was Plume because it seemed to be another Chanel Peridot dupe.  I already have two and don't need another. 

Today I'm wearing Lava, which is a gorgeous metallic multichrome.  This one flashes from pink(mostly) to copper to gold, and it has a foil-like finish.  In these pics I'm wearing two coats of Lava.  The polish itself was on the thick side, but needed at least two coats for opacity.


This is the predominant color
Here, you can see the copper flash
This color reminds me so much of changing leaves. It's so pretty and I just keep staring at my nails and moving them around to see the pretty colors shifting :)

And here's where it all just goes bad... So after one day of wear, you know I wanted to add something extra.  I mean, it's very rare that I wear just polish without some kind of art.  I took me a while to decide what to do and the I remembered some nail art supplies that I ordered from Dollar Nail Art a while back.  I saw the laser lace and thought the it would look cool over this.

Application of the laser lace was fairly easy.  I added a layer of clear polish (no name), cut a piece of the lace to fit my nail,and applied the lace while the polish was still tacky.  Then I cut the little extra pieces off with my cuticle nipper.  I added a thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out. 
I started with and accent nail, and should have stopped there.  But...I decided to try a french design on the rest of the nails.  Then I added some loose hex glitter at the bottom of the lace. 

Hated it!  First of all, the lace blends into the base color too much, and then my attempt at french was all crooked.  So I stopped with these three nails and decided to take it all off.  I will definitely be using the laser lace again but over a darker color.
Have you ladies been able to get you hands on the polishes from this collection?
Thanks for checkin' me out.  Happy Polishing!


  1. I haven't picked up any of the Luster Shine collection but now that I know they are opaque, I will probably end up with a couple of them soon!

    1. So far, I've seen them at Wags and Meijer ( if there's one in your area).


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