Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dupe or No Dupe: China Glaze No Plain Jane -vs- Nicole by OPI Iris My Case

Hi Ladies!

As I was going thru my stash a while back, I was amazed by how many polishes that I have that are possible dupes.  Well, I guess I shouldn't be that amazed, I mean I do have over 400 polishes. And I just keep adding more. 

So today, I'm gonna compare two of my newer pretties China Glaze No Plane Jane and Nicole by OPI Iris My Case. 

They look just about identical in the bottle, and it also carries over to the nail. In the pictures below, I have on three coats of each with no topcoat.

Iris My Case has a slightly thicker formula than No Plane Jane.  Both polishes have decent dry times. I do prefer IMC only because I like the wider brush. I feel like I have more control over the polish and it's easier to get a nice line down near the cuticle (which makes for less cleanup).

Verdict: Dupes!!

Which one do you have in you collection, or do you have both?

Thanks for checkin' me out.  Happy Polishing!


  1. Replies
    1. Now I won't feel so guilty when I use the No Plane Jane since I have a backup.

  2. Great polishes, they look amazing. You have more than 400 polishes, wow, how do you stock them?

    1. I have a rack that I made from a tutorial on youtube. It only holds about 1/3 of my polishes. The rest are on a bookshelf.


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