Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mash Haul

mash nail art
Today, I received my first order from Mash Nails.  I am very impressed with their service so far.  My order was placed on Tuesday and I was opening my package on Thursday :)  On top of the fast delivery, the shipping was FREE.  Gotta love it.  My order included their  Image Plates Set (26-50), Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Set, and 5 x 2 Nail Art Dotting Tools.

The nail art brush set comes in a soft, black leather-like case that makes it easy to store and keep
track of.  This is great if you are like me and have issues with organization.
mash nail art brushes

The case is kept closed by two magnetic snaps.
mask nail art brushes

Each brush has it's own individual compartment , and all of the brushes have a plastic cover for protection (except for both fan brushes). The set includes striper/liner brushes, detail brushes, flat and angled brushes as well as fan brushes. 
nail art brushes

The 5 piece double-ended dotting tool set also comes in its own plastic case. 
dotting tools

And last but definitely not least, is the 25 piece stamping plate set. Each plate arrives in individual packaging.
mash image plates nail stamping

I can't wait to do some nails with my new stuff.  Stay tuned :)
Visit the Mash Nails website to purchase.

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