Friday, June 15, 2012

OPI DS Reserve

Imagine my excitement when I laid my eyes on a silver topped OPI polish at my local Ulta.  It was the only one on the shelf, and they were running a sale at the time.  I thought to myself, this was meant for me.  So I picked her up and brought her home. She sat on my nail polish rack for about a month untried.  But lo and behold it was a sunny day and what better day to wear a holo?

And this is where my excitement ended.  I love the soft muted pink color, BUT WHERE'S THE HOLO??? The pretty holo made an appearance in the bottle but went into hiding on my nails. No matter how I tried ( no topcoat, sunlight, different angles) I could not get that awesome holo shine. The glitter showed up as more of a superfine silver glitter.  Bad bottle maybe, I dunno.  As with most OPI's the formula was fantastic.  Smooth application and opague in one coat, although the pics show two.  Check out the pics to see what I mean.

outside, sunlight

outside, shade

I had such high hopes for the holo in this polish. 

So...I decided to stamp.  Let me just say that today was not a good polish day for me. Does this happen to anyone else?  I broke out the stamping plates and really wanted to try the bubble image from Mash-43.  I am very impressed with the quality of these plates.  So far all of the images that I have used transfer clearly.  Please take that into consideration when you look at the last picture.  The smears on the index finger are due to user error, I was kinda frustrated at this point.  Also, the pinky finger is a bit smeared due to the topcoat. I was testing out a new topcoat on this mani. 

I decided to try out the Oh So Wet! quick dry topcoat instead of my usual Seche Vite. Oh So Wet! lives up to its title because my nails still look oh so wet even when they are dry. The shine from this stuff is awesome, and it lasts for several days.   It also works well as a topcoat for stamped nails as long as you have the brush loaded and go over each area only once (the smears on the pinky are from going over the nail several times).

So whaddya think?  What is your experience with the OPI DS holos?

Until next time Ladies.  Happy polishing!!

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