Thursday, July 12, 2012

Claire's Precious Metals

Hey Lacquer Lovers!

I have some glitter polishes to show you today.  I got this cute little boxed set of  5 mini glitter polishes at Claire's for ten bucks.  These are all chunky glitters with some serious bling.

So let's get to the swatches. I only swatched the last 3 because they seemed like the most interesting. But no worries.  I will be showing you the other two in the near future. 

First up is the polish in the middle, a chunky green-blue hex glitter with pink glitter scattered throughout.

Outside, sun

Outside, shade
Next up is the fourth polish from the left.  It is very similar to the one above, but has blue and pink glitter.

Outside, shade

Outside, sun

And last, but definitely not least is the beautiful black and holographic glitter.  This one is my favorite.  When I saw it, it just screamed NEON. So that's what I layered over.

Outside, sun

Outside, shade

 All swatches show one coat of glitter.  The formula on these polishes was pretty good, I didn't have any issues with glitter placement, and for each nail I only had to dip the brush once.  Also, removal was a breeze, no foil required here.

Let me just tell you, the pictures do not show how blingin' these glitters are.  I still had the green and pink glitter (the first one) on when I had to run to the market to get something for dinner.  I had my hand out the window the whole time and was staring at my nails at every red light. Love it!

Thanks for checkin' me out.  Happy polishing!

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