Monday, July 23, 2012

MSMD: Sunset Palm Tree Nails

Hey Lacquer Lovers!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last week. During the week I was mad busy and could not find time to do my nails, and then I went out of town for the weekend.  But not to worry.  I'm back today with one of my most intricate mani's yet.

My inspiration came from the Tropical Nail Art at Girly Bits.

I started with a gradient of Sally Hansen Insta Dry's in Heat Flash, Lightening and Presto Pink.  Next, I stamped on the palm tree image from SH 19 with Kleancolor Black.

And because I wasn't satisfied I decided to add some more color. 

I used all nail polish to do the filling in.  First, I painted in the water with SHID Brisk Blue.  The palm trees were painted in with SHID Just In Lime and Avon Bronze.  I used the Kleancolor black to go over the outline and add more detail to the palm fronds.  Except on the pinky :(  I didn't notice it until I uploaded the picture.  Oh well.

The brush I used came in the nail art brush set from MASH.  I used the angled detail one. 

It's not the neatest, but I'm happy with how this came out for my first time using the nail art brushes for something other than stripes.  Gotta expand those horizons. I had been wanting to try adding more color to my stamped main's for a while.  Gonna have to play around and see what else I come up with. 

So what do you think?

Thanks for checkin me out.  Happy Polishing!


  1. Wow, very colorful, love it and does palm trees are perfect!

    1. Thank you. I kinda fudged up the pinky though.

  2. That must of taken alot of time and paitience. Nice work! :)

    1. It was a bit time consuming. Especially painting in the palm tree leaves. Thats why I only did one hand X/ also painting in detail with my left hand is usually a mess. Gotta work on that ambidexterosity. Is that a word?


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