Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Something I Love

This week's challenge was to do a mani based on something that you love.  Well I love my doggie and since I have a few stamps that are doggie related...Doggie it is. 

So I started this mani off with two coats of Finger Paints Art Lofty Toffee, and all of the stamping was done with Kleancolor Black.  I like the neutral tone to Art Lofty Toffee, and the formula on the Finger Paints polish is great. Goes on smooth and has a decent dry time.

For the images, I used SH08 for the dog and the small paw prints. The large paw print is from MASH 36, and the image with the fire hydrant is from the new Bundle Monster set, BM-306.

I only have a couple of pictures for you today, cuz even though I love my doggie, I am not loving this mani.  Only because of the thumb and index finger,  the rest look pretty good.  And I dunno what is going on with my cuticles.  They look good before I take the picture and then when I see the picture it's like "Dang girl, moisturize those cutes". LOL.  Guess it's time for a hot oil mani.

So let me show you my inspiration for this mani.

On the left is my Boxer, Caesar.  I've had him for about 7 years and he is such a clown. On the right is Lola, a Shepherd mix.

Thanks for checkin me out.  Happy polishing!


  1. Cute mani and how Lola's ear is in the pic!!!

    1. Thanks Jackie. Lola was such a lil firecracker. She gave my other dog the blues. Unfortunately she succumbed to the parvo virus. But this is my fav pic of her. I loved the ear too. :)


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